UK Equity Contracts for difference (CFD) Program

For clients who prefer a slightly more aggressive approach to trading, Thompson Crosby Capital Markets offers a discretionary trading program on UK Equity CFD’s on event-driven news: for example, stocks tend to trade a range ahead of upcoming earnings releases. A list of upcoming earnings releases and trading statements are made available by the London Stock Exchange on the Regulatory News Service (RNS) web site. These results are typically released at 08:00HRS GMT.

Once earnings are released the relevant Company stock will either re-establish its prevailing trend or, if there is a profit warning or other negative news, it may change trends. Using a proprietary trading strategy, Thompson Crosby is able to exploit these short term moves and generate profits in a short space of time.

Positions are rarely kept open for more than several days.

The Strategy generated 15.8% return in 2018 versus the FTSE 350 return of minus 13.4%.