Products available

Global Stocks

We cover all the major stock exchanges including the emerging markets.


Our excellent relationships with the major investment banks enables us to provide liquidity in all fixed income instruments. Through Thompson Crosby Dubai and Mauritius, we are also able to offer access to major emerging markets.

Spot FX

Through our joint venture with Parabellum, a leading liquidity provider in spot FX, we are able to execute in size without adversely impacting the market.


As we have a large number of corporate clients, we work closely with commodity houses to provide exposure an hedging to the world’s commodity markets.

Structured Products

Our Corporate Finance team specializes in creating structured products for balance sheet purposes as well as market exposure.

Exchange Traded Funds

We use ETFs to complement our investment strategies and help smooth the risk profile of our portfolios.

Contracts for difference

We utilize CFDs for our clients that want UK exposure (no stamp duty on CFDs) or additional gearing on their European holdings for investment and hedging purposes.

FX for delivery

We are able to provide foreign currency for delivery and also to assist Treasury Departments of Corporate Clients.


Through previous establishment of two hedge funds (total raised: €90m), Thompson Crosby has built a vast network of developers, contractors and specialist property agents. We are therefore able to source, manage and aid the development of projects in our areas of expertise, which are London, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Dubai. We also provide a full lettings and property management service.

Our partners

We have an in-depth experience in the following Companies
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